Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Journey Begins

I leave in the morning for Lubbock, Tx. I now have a taxi service through Lloyd Brooks. If Kerry McDowell were here he would say Laloyd.(2LL's) I'm all packed and hoping I have everything.Amy took pictures earlier and we can't figure out how to load them on the blog sight, so we're trying to eamil them to Amy so that she can load them. I'm looking forward to a lot of sleep tomorrow if Laloyd's constant droning doesn't keep me awake all day.
Brad,Darren, and Steve (rookie) Crigger had some big surprises for me at worship this morning.I was able to incorporate exactly zero of the items that I was presented. Except for the chain which I snuck under Brad's truck and hooked to his garage door.
Today's props go to Carrie Kimbel who has been at the house about five times this week to troubleshoot something on the Ipad. (she swears a net book would be better). geek. I truly am grateful for her help.
I will be in Lubbock Tx. all week with my brother and his family. I should be in San Diego by next saturday.
I hope to write again tomorrow while Laloyd drones on.
The anticipation heightens.


  1. Lee Potts just showed me your blog. Can not wait to follow you on your journey. Hope is goes well and I am a little bit jealous and wish I could join you on your adventure.

    Rustin Webster

  2. Add a photo: When your editing a post, click the "Add Image" button that looks like a thumbnail of a landscape. (it's beside the Spell Check button) Locate your saved photo. Once you click Upload Image, the photo will be placed at the top of the post. If you want to move the photo down, highlight the photo > Ctrl + X (to cut) > move your cursor to where you want to place the photo > Ctrl + V (to paste). Tell Amy to call me if she needs me. :)' Screen shots: