Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More Preparations

I picked up my bike today for the final time, hopefully. The guys at Bicycles Etc. have been fabulous. John, Victor, and Brooke have answered about a hundred questions, special ordered parts, given free bicycle repair lessons and sold me a lot of stuff. Alex and Jimmy provide comic relief in the repair shop and Gabe is the friendly face in the front. More commercials to follow. Support your local bike shop.

As long as we're on bikes all the blogs i've read give a rundown of their equipment. Here goes.

56 Surly Long Haul Trucker Complete Bike - Check out cool company. (Roger Insisted) ref. blog 1

Brooks B17 Saddle (Uppity) (Roger Insisted) ref. blog 1

700x35 Schwalbe Marathon Plus Supreme Tires

Axiom LaSalle Panniers

Arkel Handlebar bag small

Trek Computer

Trek Seat Bag

Planet Bike Fenders - Black, (had yellow very offensive)

Cat Eye rear and front strobe

Rear Rack ?

Crank Brothers pedal cages (very controversial)

Trek Helmet

Adventure Cycling seven map Southern Tier mapset

Killing Yourself for 3000 miles, .....priceless.

The plan is still to leave early Monday morning and head for Lubbock, but there could be surprising changes on that front.

More to come.


  1. Will there be photos along the way to document the journey. I would like to see the picture of when you summit coming out of San Diego on I10. I wish it could have worked out for me to be there.

  2. That should have been I8? How far do you plan to get on the first day out of San Diego? It is around 75 miles to Jacuma. From what I remember, I don't think there is much there.

  3. While the Axiom LaSalle Panniers certainly have a better mounting system than Vaude Panniers, I personally would have gone with the Ortlieb Tourer Panniers - lighter weight, faster dry time when wet. I guess they will have to do. Have fun!