Sunday, October 3, 2010

And Then There Were Three

Oct. 3rd, Day 29 Marianna, Fl. To Monticello, Fl. 91 miles, 6hrs. 41min. Avg. Spd. 13.5mph, Total miles, 2548.

Do you realize? Do you get it? Is this possible? I am planning the final routes. I could finish Tuesday, but I may wait until Wednesday as planned. We got a good start this morning and Roger got to ride with me on his bike for about 22 miles. The day looked great until we got close to Tallahassee and beyond. The hills were incredible, way more than I expected.
It looks like we're about 175 miles from St. Augustine, Fl. but there's no great way to get there.
I've been doing this so long that I may need counseling to return to regular life. My wife assures me that I'll be fine as soon as I get home to help her with the kids. Hey, I'm happy to help with the kids.
Hey, I'm happy to do just about anything but ride a bike. Wait, I'm happy to do anything but write this blog.
So basically there about three days left.
Russell Yokley asked me weeks ago if I was going to be able to stop and smell the roses on this trip, I replied that I would. I was wrong, I haven't sniffed a rose.
Somebody told Amy that I was going to have to keep writing after this was over, yeah, not gonna happen. But, you can the entire series of "Lost" on DVD.
I met a retired couple coming west in Orange beach a couple of days ago. They were headed to San Diego. I explained that I was 26 days out of San Diego. They asked me what is was like. How do you answer that question? How do I fully explain any of this to anyone. It can't be done. It is wholly my own. The grind, the pain, the boredom, the victory, they are mine and mine alone. I can only hope that somehow some of you will find your own conflict in your own story, and so claim the satisfaction of knowing that you have overcome. But remember that the only true overcoming is through the blood of Jesus Christ in whom I give all glory and honor for this victory and every other.

Today's pic's:

Sunrise over Marianna, Fl.. How many sunrises have I seen? How many have you seen?

Florida children live very sheltered lives.

Hey, that's Roger!

Yes, another university. Any Seminole fans out there?

You can just see the Steed in front of the Jefferson County Courthouse in Monticello.

Yes, that is a hill.

Yes that is me.

Yes, I look good.

Yes, I am tired.

Yes, I am almost done!


Location:Monticello, Fl.


  1. 3 more To me (but not to you I'm sure) it seems like you have done this extremely quickly. But I'm not the one who's been sitting on a bike seat for the past 29 days, either. I've been wondering for a while now how long it will take for you to want to get back on a bike once this is all over. How long do you think you'll sleep once you get home and in your own bed? I would probably sleep for a day or two at least! How much weight do you think you've lost? You look like a lean, mean cycling machine. :)

    Take're almost finished and you look great. May God keep you safe on that bike just a few more days.


  2. Hey. I ran into your wife today and suggested perhaps that she drop you off in gulf shores and we'll pick you up in a couple of weeks in international falls MN. Are you game? Okay, okay. Stop vomiting. It was just a suggestion. Maybe you could do that for your next gig. I bet it's all downhill.

    I know you say that all of that grind, boredom and pain are your own... But I am looking forward to hearing about it first hand.

    Hang in there a couple more days. You are almost home!

  3. No one can ever understand what you have done - the grind, the grit and determination to keep going even when it was really not the easy path. I know that the blog is not something you are enjoying but has truly been a blessing.
    We must each seek the path that God has planned - He continues to open doors each and every day.
    You may need counseling when you finish but most of all you need to be with your family when it is all said and done. You have always appreciated your amazing wife and boys. You will now appreciate them more deeply than you could have imagined.
    Be blessed. See you soon - the end of this journey is near. :)

  4. One enduring analogy for life is that it is a journey. Abraham sojourned, Jacob spoke of his pilgrimage, the Israelites wandered, Paul thought in terms of a race.

    In one sense, this has just been most of a million wheel rotations across a continent (check with Ed for details), in another way it has served as a powerful and vivid symbol for life itself, replete with hardship and renewal, drudgery and elation, beginning and end; angels on the ground and a cloud of surrounding witnesses .....and then one day we will say with Paul, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

    Thanks for sharing the journey Bro,

    Bike on…. Blog on… Blessings in Him.

  5. Congratulations on nearing the end of your epic journey. We've enjoyed reading your blog as we've been on our own journey over the last few weeks. Sorry it didn't work out for me to join you at some point along the way, but I've still followed your story with great excitement. May your last few days on the bike be full of joy and a great sense of completion!

  6. Linc,

    What an amazing journey! Thanks again for blogging so that we could share it with you. I know you've been blessed in many ways throughout this journey and I appreciate that you've been so open and shared it with us. I also hope you've noticed how many people love and care for you back here in Huntsville. I know it can get kind of tough being a minister and hearing mostly negative things. I hope that God has clearly shown you throughout the past month or so how many people love and appreciate you and your family and what you do at Twickenham. I am one of those people. Can't wait to see you!


  7. amazing, dude. truly amazing.

  8. Surprisingly...I'm surprised that people are so surprised you are finishing this quickly!

  9. Make sure you get copies of all the photos people have taken along the way...maybe even post them all to your google photos or flickr account. You'll want to look at them when you get old...

    Plus you will need them for the motivational book you are planning to write titled, "COME ON PEOPLE! PUT DOWN THE REMOTE! GET OFF THE COUCH! GET OUT THERE AND WORK YOUR TAIL OFF!"

    Lincoln, I'm truly impressed by your epic journey. Not just because of the distance or your adventure, but because you said you were going to do it and you did it even when it was tougher than you ever imagined.


  10. Lincoln,
    Kathy and I are so proud that you just keep on keeping on! I think back when you mentioned not continuing in the beginning or at least thinking that way and now you have almost completed your journey. Praise God for all things! God Bless and we look forward to seeing you back in HSV. Tell Roger hello :)