Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Final Chapter

Day 32 Lake Butler, Fl. To St. Augustine, Fl. 71 miles, 5hrs.9min. Avg. 13.7, Total Miles 2723.

That's it. It's done. I finished around 1:00 PM in extremely high winds. The family did a little sightseeing and then we drove 6 hours back to Fred and Nicole's. The end was sort of anticlimactic but it's late and I think I'll wait until tomorrow for the wrap up. Stay tuned for one more day. God is good.


Location:Milton, Florida


  1. wait... so you're not going back to California?

  2. Wes wanted to know if you were biking back to Alabama.

    So glad that you made it safely across the country! Look forward to reading tomorrow's post.

  3. 2,723 miles... I’d say you’re about due for an oil change.

    It is pure joy to see you and the noble steed in the surf.

    Well done my brother, congratulations, praise the Lord

  4. So many prayers lifted, and answered. You're safe - you made it! I've been thoroughly enjoying the blogs - you may hate it, but it's been a joy to read. You blog just like you talk. It's great - like you never left! Got some great book material here, in my humble opinion.

    Glad you're safe and sound. Next time (ha!) you may want to try Canada - it truly is FLAT in most places. (with exception of the Rockies of course.)

    Praising God for His goodness to you in so many ways these past 32 days.


  5. Congrats Lincoln!!! Man , when you got on the other side of Austin, TX, you were EAST BOUND DOWN & ROLLING! Great job! Looking forward to seeing you and maybe getting together for lunch so you can tell us about it. Really glad Amy and the boys got to be there when you finished. Ya'll be safe coming home!

  6. What are you going to do till December when it's time to go back to work? Drive your family crazy? Ha--actually your nephew Jonah could use some biking classes, I had to push him all the way to Aunt Jary's the other night and there was a serious headwind so I feel your pain.

  7. Lincoln,

    Congratulations on a great personal achievement. You can share the stories for years to come and the boys will have some fun stories to tell your grand kids.

  8. I can't believe it's over. You are an inspiration to us all and I have thoroughly enjoyed the blog. It really has been just like listening to you tell it instead of writing it for us to read. Can't wait to read the wrap up.

    Oh and by the way...YOU ROCK!!!!!


  9. Congrats Lincoln, I knew you could do it! Come by the shop and tell me all about it (well, what i haven't already read). Glad you're finished and safe.

  10. Congratulations on such an epic journey! I feel like much of what you have done won't sink in until later, when you have had time to mull, contemplate and look back without the concern of how far you need to go 'tomorrow'! You should be well stocked for stories for a long time to come. Hope you can print your blog entries so you will be able to easily recall these past 32 days. Yes, we will miss our evening 'reading of the blog' and the ensuing discussion, but not nearly as much as we have missed you this last month. Looking forward to seeing you back in Hunts-vegas with your wonderful family. Love to you all! (this is lala, by the way, not Bill)

  11. Lincoln,
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I'm very happy for you that you were able to complete this quest! We have missed you and look forward to seeing you back home! God has blessed you with safety and health and we are thankful .Look forward to seeing you!