Friday, October 1, 2010

My Friend Fred and a Largemouth Bass Family

Day 27 Martinique by the Bay, Al. to Pea Ridge, Fl. 66 miles, 4 hours 42 minutes, 14.0 avg. Total miles, 2333.

I left Martinique about 7:00 AM this morning. It was very strange riding road that I had ridden on many occasions. Once I got past Perdido Key it was road I had driven, but never ridden. Scenic Hwy 90 was tougher than I expected but with a headwind everything is tougher than you expect. Winds are out of the North again tomorrow, so we'll have to hope for the best.
We came back to Martinique tonight for dinner with the Bass family. The Bass' are like a second family to me and there's no way to express my affection for the entire family.
We're about to have steak again, yes, there's never enough steak.
After dinner Mark and I are headed back to Fred's for the night. I hope to make a long ride tomorrow before Roger Harwell takes over as support team. It is important to note that this whole trip is Roger's fault.

Mark is going to stay until mid day and then I'm own again.

My friend Fred brought 13 lbs. of rib eyes last night. I'm not kidding,

Tonight I was fed by the Bass family, my second family. Bill and LaNette brought steak, shrimp, and homemade chocolate pie. Brad and Em made it in at a decent hour, and Adam and Erin finally made in about the time dinner was ready. Adam only schedules according to meals.

I was shocked today by memories of my mother. I wish she was here to see this. I know she is watching as my good friend Carney Sharpe reminds me, but I still wish she was here. We shared the anniversary of her passing just a few short days ago. She was an extraordinary woman. I miss her.

I hope you miss someone too.

Today's pics.

Cycling over the Gulf.

Fred and Mark at Waffle House breakfast. I had the hash browns "all the way."

A Bridge over the gulf.

Coming out of Orange Beach.

The Steed at breakfast.

I'm even happy to be in Florida. THE LAST STATE!

Another bridge, Perdido, Orange, I don't know.

Lovely road in Pensacola.

Do you realize this is almost over?


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Location:Martinique by the Gulf


  1. Awww... I miss Pensacola, and I miss my momma! I certainly understand wishing she was here to journey with me. I cannot believe you are already in your last state, AND that you were blessed with homemade chocolate pie made at the hands of a fine Christian woman :) God is taking good care of you my friend. Still praying...

  2. I miss your sister and your nephews, but am seeing God at work powerfully on this mission trip with MA to Give Kids the World in Orlando, Fl. This is a resort dedicated to entertaining children with terminal illness in true Disney if you've never heard of this place!

    Thanks to two huge days with record setting mileage, I'm back in the word searching for what God might be saying to us through your overall mileage. Moat of the 23:33's in the OT ironically talk about the dangers of drunkeness?!? Luke's wisdom is far more worthy of contemplation as your ride tomorrow. Luke 23:33 reads:

    "When they came to the place called The Skull, there they crucified Him and the criminals, one on the right and another on the left."

    I'm too tired to try to make a universal application here, so I'll leave it with you bro. Keep it're so close and you're in such good hands.

  3. I have been thinking about your mother a lot lately. I can't help but think that she has been with you - with each turn of the wheel. She truly was such an amazing woman. We shared some really special times. She is missed by many.

    Wondering if you got your microwave popcorn at Fred's but somehow I am not sure there was room after the steaks and chocolate pie. :) I know you enjoyed that greatly!!

    State #8!! I think some winds from the west should be in order. Your head continues to be covered in prayer. Be blessed.

  4. I miss someone Linc and it's your mom. I wish she was here to cook us one of those Sunday afternoon meals.

    She would be so proud of you!

  5. So close, close! I too think winds from the west should be in order. That and your continued safety are what I'll be praying for.

    You're almost there so continue to ride like the wind. :)


  6. Roger is heading your way. Hopefully he will have met up with you by the time you read this. You boys have fun! God Bless!