Saturday, October 2, 2010

Some Days Are Just Days

Oct.2nd Day 28 Pace, Fl. To Marianna, Fl. 124 miles, 9 hrs. Avg. Spd.13.7 Total Miles 2457.

I put the date on today's blog because I didn't realize it was October. I have no concept of space or time, except to know that I hope to finish next Wednesday.
There have been some uneventful days in the past but this one was especially uninteresting. I rode rolling hills all day along on Fl. Hwy. 90 East, which parallels Interstate I10 for a long way.
Mark stayed with me until lunch time and then he headed back to meet Larissa and the kids in Gulf Shores.
How do I again express my thanks for having such great friends. Mark was another patient angel, waiting down the road every couple of miles.
Roger found me about 4:30 this afternoon in Cottondale, Fl.. Today was the latest I had been on the road this entire trip. We got to the motel about 5:30 PM.
Part of that was caused by a late start this morning. As I rolled out of Fred and Nicole's I noticed the back end of the bike was soft. I looked down and the tire was about half deflated. Sure enough I found a quarter inch sliver of metal in the tread. Changing the tire took way longer than it should have, but I haven't much experience changing tires as this is only the second flat I've had.
By the way, have I mentioned that "Alabama the Beautiful" is a stupid slogan? What does that mean anyway? C'mon man!

Here's all four pictures:

Wow, that's beautiful.

Even better from this angle.

Even slow days have a picture of the Steed. Hey Walton, what was the name of the dog in John Wayne's movie, "Big Jake?"

You can be anywhere and find somebody with political issues.

Any shoulder is better than no shoulder.

Lunch in DeFuniak Springs, Fl..

Hey, is that Roger's car?

If you think Florida is flat, think again.

Which way do I go? Which way do I go?

Go East Young Man!


Location:Marianna, Fl.


  1. The last photo is interesting...notice the road sign. US Hwy 231...That's the same road that runs thru Huntsville...Memorial Parkway. I would guess your were in Cottondale in the photo.

  2. It's better than " least we're not Mississippi".

  3. You know you don't really see the smaller hills unless you are riding a bike, walking or running. Kind of like life. The big hills you may see coming way ahead - the small ones just keep coming.

    I thought about you a lot today. We were driving down the Oregon coast and kept seeing signs for the Oregon coast bike tour. There were a number of bikers with packs on the back as well as the front tires. Wow.

    You truly have been blessed with good friends to journey with you, feed you, ride with you but most of all to pray for you. Many have been motivated to get busy and DO something - some with physical challenges, some with other types of challenges - emotional, educational, spiritual, etc.

    I am thankful for Roger and the elders to push you to take this journey. We are truly blessed to all be part of God's family. Your life has been changed - so have many others.

    Prayers continue. Be blessed.

  4. Lincoln, you make an excellent point, the dog’s name in John Wayne’s movie Big Jake was just “dog”. Now that I think about it, the farmer in the movie “Babe” just named his young hero “Pig”. So I suppose if you want to call your faithful bike “the Steed”, there is noteworthy precedence.

    So, as an alternative, What about naming your shirt “Old Yeller”?

    By the way, uneventful and uninteresting days have it hands down compared to days where you are hugging the side of a busy tunnel (in my humble opinion).

    Sing with me “… big wheels keep on turning, carry me home to see my kin…”

    Finish strong, finish safe, May the Lord bless you and keep you.