Thursday, September 30, 2010

Alabama the Beautiful

Day 26 Ocean Springs, Ms. To Fort Morgan Rd, Al. 71 miles, 4hrs. 35min. Avg. Spd. 15.4, Total miles 2267.

I can't begin to explain what it's like to be in familiar territory. I'm almost giddy. I'm sitting here at Martinique by the Gulf courtesy of Rex and Phyllis Watson. Thank you very much, Watson's! What a blessing.
Mark and I left Ocean Springs, Ms. at 6:30 AM. We were hoping to catch the Mobile Bay Ferry by 12:30, but you know me. We made the 11:00 ferry.
Mississippi coast gave way to Mississippi marsh, which turned into more pines and then suddenly the Alabama state line. We rode through some beautiful country from Grand Bay to Bayou La Batre and on to Dauphin Island. I was concerned about Mark getting on the ferry because I've seen it very full, pictures to follow. After getting off the ferry it was like homecoming, I haven't been that excited since Amy and the boys were here. Familiar territory, roads I've ridden multiple times, it was wonderful.
I'm now sitting here with a belly full of steak, with Mark and Fred Tate, and we're expecting David Olivet any minute. (actually, he just got here.)
If Amy was here I would say life was complete.
The next couple of days will be interesting as I shuffle between places and friends, but the end story is, that I hope to finish by next Wednesday. I have managed to shorten my route by not following the bike maps.
I was thinking today about how much of the glory of God we miss because we just don't see it. The ride in from the Alabama state line was beautiful, even though it's a stupid state slogan. Look around tomorrow and see the glory of God.


Early, early morning, Ocean Springs, Ms.

Crossing the Singing River in Pascagoula, Ms.

Wow, you have no idea how great it was to see this sign.

Drawbridge in Bayou La Batre, Al.. They had a troll but he left town due to the economy. Thanks, BP.

Mark on Mobile Bay Ferry.

Ok, I am not an Auburn fan, but you know who is.

Dauphin Island, bridge. I sent Mark on ahead to make sure he made the ferry.

Apparently, the ferry was not an issue. We're the only people in line.

The Steed got a ride onto the ferry to save money.

Mark and the Steed.

I'm covered up friends here, what a blessing, got to go.

Location:Martinique by the Gulf, Fort Morgan Rd.


  1. Wow, I missed reading your blog for a few days and you're suddenly in Alabama??? Slow down, man!!! =:)

  2. I am so thankful that you are surrounded by friends with a full belly! :) And more coming tomorrow! What a blessing. Yes God's beauty is all around us. We just have to stop and look.
    Mike & I leave tomorrow to go to the Pacific Northwest - to see some of that glory that we have never experienced. Hiking, seeing the countryside in a different part of the country.
    I know this trip has been such a blessing - to you and many others. I smile whenever I read your blog. Prayers will continue to heap upon your head.
    See you at the Liz Hurley Ribbon Run!!

  3. You are right (again), His creation witnesses to us all the time… “The Heavens declare the Glory of God..”, even and especially in many of the places that you have seen and shared with us in words and pictures; From San Diego to Martinique and all the sunrises, Sour Lakes and Smithvilles in between.

    I can only imagine the anticipation as you near your goal. I sense that anticipation is certainly building in the virtual fan club. Seems lately that every day you are on a new page in my atlas (yep, genuine Rand McNally).

    Blessings and prayers for His continued abiding.

  4. So I'm a little late to this party. You're almost done!
    I'm fascinated by the story. Want to read all the previous posts.
    By the way, I work with Roger. He made me follow you. :-)

  5. haven't run into one of these, have you?

    Bike Path FAIL

  6. I'm emotional (I know you would say what else is new!) and I'm not on this journey. We have a board in the office for posts - today I put "What have you done lately that 'stretches' who you are? Have you stepped out of your comfort zone?" Thanks to you on this trek. So much lately; on the radio, this blog, services, has been about who "ME" is. Am I at my full potential? Am I who God wants me to be? Am I who I want others to see? Am I pretending? I have a hard time being me because I want to please everyone - well, I can't please everyone if I'm not happy with who I am. I've been on a quest of my own to find the ME that God wants me to be. I thank you for taking this journey so I can start to find that ME.

    You are awesome. I've known that for some time but am reminded daily by your stretching yourself and challenging us all to take a journey of our own. Thank you for being the man of God that you are and sharing with us all. I have so missed the fellowship with everyone there but have wonderful memories.

    Love you all!
    Jill Morris

  7. Ok, first off, I have to admit that I'm still singing "Eastbound and Down." Can't get it out of my head! And you, my friend, have certainly been eastbound and getting down on those pedals! Sweet home Alabama! Congrats! Please tell Mr. Fred hi for me. I sure do miss all my friends from down that way.

    You are finishing so much sooner than I thought you would. That's so impressive! You've really been getting after it. Even if I had been able to make it down to ride with you, I don't know that I would have been able to keep up!

    My MS 150 ride starts tomorrow morning! I'm a little nervous about all the climbing we'll have to do. Gotta love the Tennessee hills. I took a peak at the elevation map for the ride and it looks like a roller coaster. But I am really excited about it at the same time. I'm continuously finding that I'm much stronger than I think I am, and in many different ways. It's amazing what we are capable of if we'll just GET OUT THERE and try, huh? This ride will certainly push me in every way, but I'm looking forward to the challenge.

    I look forward to catching up with you about it at some point next time I'm home. Till then, finish strong!

  8. I'm checking with the higher-ups in both the IBOL (International Brotherhood of the Lanyard) and the P3S (Pocket Protector Preservation Society or "P cubed S" to us Preservers) to see if they will grant you honorary membership. I'm pleading your case based on the fact that a) you're blogging and b) you're doing so from an iPad. That's pretty good geek cred for a Regular Person. I'll get back to you when I hear something. Keeping my fingers crossed...

    Enjoy your friends and the beach,