Friday, September 10, 2010

Alone Again, Briefly

Day 7 Globe, Az. to Safford, Az. 77 miles 14.7 avg. Sp. 5 hours, 30 min.
Total 545 miles

It was a pretty uneventful day. A lot of rolling ups and downs out of Globe. Then it turned fairly flat into Safford. The big event was parting with Amy at mile 44 in Bylas, Az. She cried, I wanted to, but I was strong for her and crying inside. I'm chilling out at the hotel waiting for Brad and Ben, but they won't get here for several hours. I'm trying to decide which route to take into Silver City tomorrow. I have to climb either way as Silver City is around the Continental divide. Maybe I'll just give Ben and Brad each a turn on the bike and I'll ride in the car for a while. Ok, not.
Oh, I forgot to mention, the temperature this morning was 55 degrees. I had to wear a long sleeve for about an hour until it warmed up.
More tomorrow.

Even the coyote was bored, bored stiff.

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Some monument in Ft. Davis, Az., I was struggling for anything interesting.

Location:Safford Az.


  1. How quickly things become routine! The fact that you rode 77 miles on a bike alone makes it interesting. I made it 4 minutes on my elliptical yesterday and now I feel like a wimp :) One day at a time, right?

  2. How long did you talk to the coyote before it gave up the ghost?

  3. Lincoln,
    Just found about your journey and blog from Lanette and Marla. What a journey you have set for yourself!! But if anyone can do this it is you!!
    One of my favorite blessings: "May the road rise to meet and and the wind be always at your back" - seemed very appropriate right now!!
    Take care and God bless,
    Barbara Richardson

  4. WooHoo for Flat! Sounds like you had a good day other than Amy having to leave. I'm sure that Brad and Ben will provide you some entertainment! (I rode 5 miles on the bike at the gym today, can't imagine riding as much as you are!) Good luck tomorrow!

  5. I'm afraid Brad and Ben might be lying on the side of the road like that coyote if you turned the bike over to them! Especially going uphill!!

  6. Tomorrows Continental Divide trek will be tough but you are heading into your 3rd state! Keep peddling - I know that Ben and Brad will be good company. Tell them we said to take good care of you!!

  7. Peace my friend. In a few minutes will begin the 9th anniversary of the day of events that changed America --- another huge milestone in loss of our innocence. Rejoice in that we still live in an America where many are brave and most are free. And one brave soul can freely pedal across our southwest deserts. Tired, Lonely, but Conqueror Still! Were that such opportunity and choice be available to all the world. We all need mountains to climb; it's what makes little victories so sweet. Take time to enjoy where you've been, where you are, and what tomorrow may bring.

    LMB (not Bun)

    P.S. Is the Brooks becoming a pain in your behind yet? If so, the irony is not missed here!

  8. Hi, Lincoln, love ya and am praying for you. Did a run through the 9:11's of the Bible - I do weird stuff like that sometimes. Heard a neat song today, and thought of you. There's more, but here's what brought you to mind. Love,

    Days Away
    (c) 2010 by InAshton

    I am days away from change.
    A new place to rest my head,
    a place to rearrange.
    I am days away from waving good-bye to my friends.
    I am days away from change.
    One last touch until the next time.
    I am days away from waving good-bye, so long to all of this, but it's all right.

    Oh, sooner or later a change must come.
    Oh, sooner or later we become.

    I am days away from change.
    I'm gonna take my dreams out there and lay them on the table.
    I am days away from waving good-bye, so long to you all, but it's all right.

    Oh, sooner or later a change must come.
    Oh, sooner or later we become.

  9. Lincoln, this is Troy Greer, Bill and Tina's son. My mom told me about your experience and I decided to check out your blog. I don't know what route you are taking, but if you come through Albuquerque I invite you and your team to stay with us for a home cooked meal and a non-hotel bed and bathroom.