Friday, September 24, 2010

Back on the Road Again

Day 20 Bastrop, Tx. To Navasota, Tx. 101 miles, 7 hrs. 22 min. Avg. Spd. 13.6 mph, Total miles 1665.

I had a good day today. We dropped Amy off at the Austin airport at 7:00 AM this morning. She's running the half marathon with Sheri, Colisa, Emily, and some of Emily's friends tomorrow in Nashville.
The first 40 miles was great this morning. A guy pulled out on a bike a half mile or so ahead of me in Smithville, Tx. on Hwy. 71. Smithville is where the movie "Hope Floats" was filmed. I caught up to him a little later, and said hi as I rode by. A little later I pulled over and he caught back up with me. We started a conversation and I found out that my new biking partner was 65 year old Larry Watts. Larry is about to retire from Austin city service. Larry rides four days a week and is training for the Austin MS 150, a charity ride for M.S.. Larry's daughter has M.S. And this ride is his support for her. Did I mention that Larry is 65? He kept up with me on a bike. He's training to ride 150 miles. What the heck are you doing? GET OUT THERE PEOPLE AND GET SOMETHING DONE!!!
The last 60 miles was very hilly as we followed the historical Texas trail of Independence. We also saw the biggest antique sale in the entire world. We're in the middle of nowhere when suddenly one of those D.O.T. flashing signs warns us, "event traffic, expect delays." What? Sure enough an antique sale that went for 8 miles, yes 8 miles.
We finally made it into Navasota about 4:15PM. The boys went for a swim, we grabbed some dinner and now it's TCU vs. SMU. I'm not sure that the boys are grasping the kind of impact by witnessing this trial by bike that I hoped they would. I probably wouldn't have at their age either.
As always Ben Logan is babysitting me and them, what a servant.

Mark Thompson and a friend of his are supposed to be here tonight. Mark is actually going to ride with me for the next two or three days.

By the way, the Southern Tier map set contains 7 map sets. By reaching Navasota, Tx. I have concluded 4 of the 7 and will begin map set 5 tomorrow.

Here's yesterday's and today's pictures.

George W. At the Texas Capital.

Texas capital building under renovation. I love Texas.

Huey, Dewey, and Louie at Texas Memorial Stadium.

Kolton is changing his shorts right now.

Ben was also enamored with Austin after the room next door to him was raided this morning at 5:00 AM.

There's no place like home......there's no place like home.

Kolton, well,....being Kolton.

Me and Larry Watts.

Larry Watts is another one of those fine individuals that God blesses your life with out of nowhere.

The Kodymeister.

The Koopernator.

A picture of someone's mouth. Who knows.

Antiques in Round Top, Tx.I

Oh, yay, we're just in time.

Limited access tunnel.

Wow, from this side....

And from this side........ I think I'll just stick with Florida.

Uuuuuhhhhhh, let's not show this to his mom.

The dedicated steed.

Sam Houston was baptized here, cool huh?

The only time he smiled all day. Or, he just blew smoke.

We're way off the beaten path now.

Closing it out for the day.

Rumor has it that the Liz Hurley benefit race is coming up, and "Team Christina" from Twickenham is the number two team entered with over 50 participants. Why can't we be number 1? Come on people let's get out there.


Location:Navasota, Tx.


  1. Lincoln, I talked to Leigh Ann Friday and she told me about your cross country ride. All I can say is your amazing. I'm getting ready this morning for a 20-25 mile ride and i can't imagine going coast to coast. You're my new hero. Can't wait to talk with you about this when you get back. I hope you brought plenty of chamois butter with you on this journey.
    Central Paper Co

  2. Lincoln, It was great meeting you yesterday. You are an inspiration to any rider who is struggling to accomplish a biking goal. I wish you grest success on the remainder of your ride and winds out of the West for those days when you tire of climbing on the bike.

  3. "I'm not sure that the boys are grasping the kind of impact by witnessing this trial by bike that I hoped they would. I probably wouldn't have at their age either."

    Exactly. If they commented extensively on it, they would have to turn in their "cool card." But they're there soaking it up, and that's enough for now.

    From my experience, more gets through than you think. You discover this when they move toward and push past 20, about the time, hopefully, when they finally start to "get it."

  4. The pictures of the boys were great. Know it has been so good to have that time with them. Lincoln, you are giving all of us something to look forward to each night as we read about your day on the road. Thanks for sharing your epic experience with us. Enjoy your new riding partners!

    Margie (not Bunny)

  5. Thinking of all of you today - Amy as she runs in the half marathon with the girls, you as you continue your epic journey and Ben and the boys as they journey with you and then on to Huntsville. God certainly has put wonderful people in your path - some you knew and some you didn't. What a blessing! More will come - each and every day. :)

  6. Hi - I'm just a random stranger - who also ate at the Texas land and cattle co in Austin last week. Couldn't help but grab a pic of my buddy standing looking at the back of your pace car while you guys were stuffing your faces.

    I did so to poke good natured fun at his glossy dome ... completely ignoring the fact that I have one too. He has just returned from a cross country road trip with his girls - a break from the ordinary. He wasn't completely sure they got 'it' either. But I believe these life lessons are not lost on your kids. The memory of these times get tucked away somewhere behind the 'I'm too cool to acknowlege this is fun' attitude. And they will use them again.
    Life is short - and nothing about tomorrow promised - so fill up their heads with all the uncool things you can think of. That's what dads are for.
    One day - when you're not there turn to ... that's when the memories of these times together will bring them comfort. And they will be glad you made them go :)
    take care

  7. Linc -

    I am soooo getting out there and DOING SOMETHING!! Today I walked 18 miles in the pouring rain, training for the Susan G Komen 3Day for the Cure. Tomorrow I am walking 15 miles and probably again in the pouring rain but I am not complaining. I am grateful to be able to be healthy and involved in this event.

    I am also register for the Liz Hurley Ribbon Run with Team Christina and honored to be!

    Keep inspiring people to get out there and make a difference! LOVE IT!!

    Stacie Flinn