Monday, September 27, 2010

Pine Trees and Logging Trucks

Day 23 Orange, Tx. To Eunice, La.. 100 miles, 7hrs. 13min. Avg. Spd. 13.6, Total miles 1951.

LOUISIANA! Have I been in Texas for the last year? There's not a lot to tell, I rode past 100 miles of pine trees, and was passed by about 100 logging trucks.
The wind was strong out of the north this morning which we rode straight into for about 50 miles. Mark and Ed left about 11:30 AM and I rode for another 50 miles with a big crosswind.
A cold front has blown in and we're expecting 50 degree temps tonight. I hear it's cold at home too. Home? Where is that, I haven't been there in so long it's like a distant memory.
Amy had to get the air pressure in the Suburban checked today at Express Oil. She says that the guys at Express are still following me. Thanks guys.
Mark Chastain got in this afternoon, and we've already had a big time. He found Ed Sparks computations absolutely interesting and hilarious. Ed promises to keep the numbers coming.
Did you see Cervelo's comment about caloric intake and burn? Let me give you an example. Tonight with Mark Chastain as my witness I ate 7 pieces of chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, red beans and rice, an 8 piece spicy nugget and an apple pie. I may have something else before bed.
I was just talking to our hotel clerk who is not from this country. She was asking me about my trip and I was giving her some of the details. At one point she said "yoo, are verry brave." I thought about that for awhile. It appears to me that there is a fine line between bravery and stupidity. I hope I'm brave but I never really thought about it. If getting out there and stretching your comfort zones is brave, then my challenge for all of you tonight's this.
YOU GET OUT THERE AND BE BRAVE! Or stupid, just get out there.


Team Thompson/Smith.

Phone call, Kathy leave us alone.

Watch out for the rumble strips.

Snack time.

Mark is out front. I'm not.

Subway on the side of the road for lunch.

Ed don't you need to go run some numbers or something?

There are goats in every state I've been through.

See you tomorrow,


Location:Eunice, La.


  1. Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel? Don't worry, it's not a train, just the sun setting over the Atlantic Ocean in St. Augustine. Looks like you'll be here on Thursday . . . which is good 'cause I have to play at a coffee house Friday night. Looking forward to seeing you soon,

  2. Sounds like you found an all you can eat buffet in LA! You may get to Fred's early now that you are exercising your appetite, too.

    Hope your next few days will be cool and dry with the wind at your back. Still praying for your safety and for great experiences.

    Margie (not Bunny)

  3. Yep south Louisiana is lots of pine trees and logging trucks - car insurance is much higher there because of the logging trucks!! You are going to fly through LA, MS and AL!! Lots of skinny states are a welcome sight after TX!!!

    I am looking forward to seeing your skinny little self! God has blessed you with so many things through this journey - but then He blesses us all! We have all seen how the opportunities to share about you, Cristina, Charliss and most of all GOD to so many people these days are abundant- just rolls out so easily.

    I know you are looking forward to Fred's! Wish we could all be in the driveway to welcome you like his dream!

    Haven't told you lately but I am still praying for tailwinds - every day -
    Be blessed

  4. The bicycle is the most efficient machine ever created: Converting calories into gas, a bicycle gets the equivalent of three thousand miles per gallon.
    Bill Strickland
    The Quotable Cyclist

    I don't know if this guy's calculations are as precise as Cervelo's from yesterday's blog comments, but I thought it was interesting thought.

    I hope you and Mark have a great time this week.

  5. I agree with the hotel clerk, way to brave it out bro! Closing in on 2000 miles is astounding to think about. Which feels better, being in Louisiana or being done with Texas?

    Yes, it felt like autumn here this morning, below 60. You may need another layer first thing in the morning, especially if you keep this 15mph pace.

    Regarding your caloric intake, reminds me of a couple of other explorers named Lewis and Clark. In Stephen Ambrose description of that expedition as they were paddling upstream on the Missouri, he writes “The men’s labor was again such that each private ate as much as nine or ten pounds of meat per day” . Sounds like you are right there amongst ‘em.

    Hey I’m liking Ed’s statistics, I had actually been wondering about total wheel revolutions (I’m not joking);

    Godspeed Lincoln Smith

  6. Dear Big Man: If the sun is starting to set over the Atlantic in St. Augustine, then I'm staying home from work today and eating a bag of potato chips because the Mayans were off by a couple of years.

    Dear Bald Guy: Now that you've put yourself out there and committed to doing brave/stupid things, I predict you'll never be able to return to your ordinary life of doing timid/stupid things. Which should make for a nice postscript to this great blog.

  7. Ed and I got home in record time last night! Thanks for the opportunity of letting us be apart of your ride across this great land. We enjoyed the time, friendship, scenery, and the I-PAD! Ed was in withdrawls all the way back to Huntsville thinking about it. I bet he owns one (if his wife let's him) before the week is over:)

    We will continue to pray for a safe trip and that you and Mark C. have a great time!

  8., you'll hit the 2/3 mark! I've never known anyone else who had the courage (or stupidity?) to attempt such a feat. Lincoln Smith, you rock! :)

    I'm beginning to wonder if the sunburn is permanent...hmmm, guess we'll have to wait until next summer to find out.

    After several days of not praying specifically for tailwinds, I'm going to start doing that again. Hopefully, God is more receptive to those requests now than he was before. :)

    Keep it up...the end is in sight...and as always, ride like the wind.


  9. Slow down! Jamie, Carrie, Jill and I were hoping to see you roll through the Gulf Shores area next week. Looks like you'll be long gone. Save travels. We'll hit the Popeye's buffet and do some damage when you get back.

  10. Hey Man...Watch those Log Trucks...They think they own the road! Safe Travels! I am jealous of you being able to get all cajun food you want the next few days. Stay strong!

  11. Hey Lincoln. Love keeping up with your journey through this blog. You are brave and absolutely crazy!