Wednesday, September 1, 2010

West Texas Dove Hunting

Wow what a day! My brother Brendan and his wife Kamber bought an old home place outside of Shallowater, Tx. about a year ago. they renovated a small house and then sold their house in town and moved out here a couple of months ago. It really turned out nice and I can't imagine a better place to raise kids. They have four wheelers and motorcycles, hunting dogs and Cricket the wonder dog. We sat on the porch tonight with a cool wind blowing as the set on the horizon. Nothing against Alabama but we just don't have sunsets like they do out here.
Lloyd and I killed a limit of doves each this evening in the backyard out by the tail water pit (that's a whole in the ground where irrigation water runs out of a cotton field). I know I've been hard on Lloyd but you need to know that based on the shell to kill ratio Lloyd could have funded another missle program on the arsenal. We had to get a fifty gallon drum to put his empty hulls in.
I'll have Amy post a picture later because I have still haven't figured out how on the Ipad.
I called Hertz today to rent a car one way to San Diego. Are you ready for this? $678.00!!!!!!! That's a problem. However, I found one at Alamo for a lot less.
The plan right now is to pick up the car (hope the bike fits)on Friday and get to San Diego by noon on Saturday. That means I should be riding Saturday afternoon.
Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. A special thanks to Lloyd, what a friend.


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  2. Sure would have like to have been out on that porch. We could have told our favorite "Buck John" stories.

  3. Make sure Lloyd gets some real Tex Mex while he is down there. He will never eat Casa Blanc again. Be safe heading out to Cali. Remember Rubios fish tacos in San Diego.

  4. Never mind the bike trip. How did the dove taste? Wrapped in bacon and grilled?

  5. Spoke with Lincoln on the phone late Friday afternoon as he was headed through White Sands towards San Diego. He kept asking me why he was doing this . . .

  6. If you'd bought a netbook instead of an ipad, you could post pictures AND you'd have extra money for the rental car. God bless you on your journey!

  7. Carrie's right Lincoln! Netbooks rock! Good luck & God speed!

  8. Don't come here and kill our doves. Anyway, have a great trip and go with God.
    Linda, Terry Harwell's mom.