Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dream of Great Things

Day 15 Dryden, Tx. To Del Rio, Tx. 101 miles, 7 hrs. 59 mi. Avg. Spd. 12.1 mph. Total miles 1281.

The following is a quote from Teddy Roosevelt that my dad sent last night.

"It is far better to dream of great things,
to envision glorious triumphs, even though
confronted with failure.
Than to join in that throng who neither
suffer much or gain much.
Who live in a grey twilight
that knows neither victory or defeat."

I never intended for this undertaking to become what it has for so many other people. Yet, I am humbled before God that so many of you have found inspiration in my trials. I have never wanted to quit anything so badly so many times as I have this trip. I reserve the right to still do so, but I must confess that your journey with me through your comments compels me along with my own knot headed determination to continue one day at a time.

We started this morning at a daylight and immediately had mechanical issues. I tweaked my front fender several days ago, and no amount of adjustment has righted the situation to date. This morning we decided to quit trying to fix it and dismounted the fender. That fixed it.

I knew I had to get Del Rio, Tx., or sleep on the side of the road. By looking at the elevation map I thought it would be downhill all day, and it was, with an uphill at every downhill. A steep uphill, lots of steep uphills. I'm not sure the the total elevation climb was equal to the mountains of New Mexico. Oh, did I mention headwind? Yes, headwind all day.

Jason Brooks is another fabulous support driver. He also shares Jamie's magnetic attraction for Border Patrol. We hadn't been out an hour when Jason got stopped by the Border Patrol. I actually didn't see Jason for the first hour because right after we got started Jason remembered that he was out of gas and had to drive 25 miles back to Sanderson, Tx., for gas and then come back and find me. He left with this question, "hey you'll be ok without me for a little while right?" Sure, I'm in the middle of nowhere with bandito's, wild animals, crazy drivers, illegal aliens, bald and on a bike, oh ya, I'll be fine.

Jason took some fantastic pictures today. He even broke Ben Logan's single day picture record. (Amy can you get a new battery for the camera, the digital readout says "tired.")

Throughout the day we visited the Judge Roy Bean center in Langtry, Tx. (check out wikipedia on this guy, fascinating), we crossed the Pecos river basin, and crossed the Amistad lake reservoir.

Hopefully the pictures tonight will give you greater insight into the day.

The only building in Dryden, Tx.

Sunrise over Dryden.

Early morning preparations.

Everything looks good.


Jason, did you get gas for tomorrow?

What more could you ask for? A trailer and a windmill

I still have 81? That's depressing.

I hope you get the idea.

Are you kidding?

Are you serious?

Does it ever end?

I see the top.

Check out Jason's shadow.

It's never over.


Aaaahhhhh, the superfluous steed.

The steed needs rest too.

The only food in Langtry.

Suddenly, a new steed.

Bathroom security is important around these parts, have you seen the size of the dogs?

Jason, doing what he does best.

The actual bar where Judge Roy Bean carried out sentences.

I scoff at Judge Bean, did he ever ride 1200 miles on a bike? Wait, did they have bikes?

I thought I should include a downhill, just to be fair.

I can't tell which way I'm going.

Jason climbed a mountain for this one

Long road.

Crossing the Pecos.

I'm tired.

Let's stop here.

They have lovely accomodations.

Trust me if you're worried about the border, it's covered.

And the goats will be separated to his right. Check that, goats on the left.

Lake Amistad.

See you tomorrow.

What's your dream? I'm glad you're enjoying mine, but hey, YOU NEED YOUR OWN! GET OUT THERE AND FIND IT!

P.S. When we got to Del Rio a thunderstorm had just passed through and the road was soaking wet. Remember the fender, this morning? As I pass Jason on the side of the road he rolls down the window and sticks the fender out at me. What a pal.

Location:Del Rio, Tx.


  1. Your father must be so proud of you Lincoln, and I know his love and support means a lot to you. I continue to pray for your strength and endurance. Look ahead to Tuesday, when you see your family. Jodie

  2. Hey, I thought the goats were going to be on the left!! Oh well! Hear you are having some more guests next week. That's great. Hope ya'll have a wonderful visit. Anxious for the boys to see you, to realize what kind of dad they have. By the way, Adam now tells me that the same blog I'm reading, he, too is reading, and that there is an amendment to the 'goats on the right' comment. Mind doesn't!! Anyway, continuing to pray for you as well as the 'host of witnesses' that are helping you through this journey. It is a once in a lifetime thing for them as well as you. (though certainly not in the same way). Keep on day at a time.!!

  3. It never gets easier, you just go faster. ~ Greg LeMond (three-time winner of the Tour de France, the first American cyclist to win it).

    Just think, the faster you go, the sooner you're home! See ya...soon?!

  4. God most certainly has a sense of humor...

    In correlation with your total mileage (1281), I turned to Psalm 128:1 - Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in His ways, but that's not the funny part. Just above that verse Psalm 128 is labeled a song of ASCENTS...with all your uphills today it couldn't be more appropriate.

    Any way you can do a 130mi. day tomorrow so that I've got more to work with? :)

    Is this your fifth century in two weeks? I'm losing count. You amaze me bro. Keep going.

  5. Another century.

    I loved the pictures - I will even buy batteries! I never tire of Texas sunrises and sunsets. I know the uphill and headwinds are a trial. I am thankful for your dream - for your willingness to stretch - for the victories - even through the lows (aka hills and headwinds)

    I know you never intended to be an an inspiration but God has a plan for you - he is opening doors for you that you never even knew were there.
    He will continue to cover you with His blessings.

  6. When you think it can't possibly get any worse...
    Just for you Lincoln, a poem... sorta:

    There once was a bald guy named Lincoln,
    Who peddled twixt oceans while thinkin’
    “Is just one tailwind too radical
    to wish for my sabbatical?
    cause hot humid headwinds are stinkin’ “

  7. Most people can do anything for one day. So I say just for today and fill in the blank. It's nice to know that we are inspiring you as you inspire us. Keep it up brother!

  8. Was that picture of the dog (a Great Dane??) for moi?

    So now you know why I always sit on the right side of the church. Can't be grouped with the goats on the left!

    Hey Walton, I heard you were a writer; now I get to see it for myself. Nice limerick!

    Keep on movin'! (OK, now I've got that silly Brady Bunch song in my head... maybe I can transfer it to yours now.)

  9. I found this book called A Million Miles in a Thousand Years(What I Learned While Editing My Life) the one and only Donald Miller. Guess what he did?? HE RODE ACROSS THE COUNTRY ON HIS BIKE!!! Don't worry...Amy is going to be bringing you a copy this next week! Get prepared....

  10. Another day, another century! I am amazed every day with this incredible journey you've undertaken and I'm awed by your stamina and determination. One day at a time and I'm still praying for a tailwind!

    Love the poem, Walton! :)

    Heading back home from Mississippi today so for now I'll just say...

    ...ride like the wind.


  11. To quote the song, "Last night I had the strangest dream I ever had before." Read this blog entry before turning in and here's the dream. You were riding down my driveway on your bike and everyone was cheering. Amy was here and lots of other people (don't know who they were but everyone was cheering). The tables were all set up in front of the barn. . . ribs, steak, blackened fish, sausage, pesto and a huge bowl of fried chicken (don't know where that came from???) Anyway at some point I asked you what you wanted to which you replied "I was wondering if you had any microwave popcorn?" Told you it was a strange dream. Looking forward to seeing you soon . . . and if you want microwave popcorn then we'll have microwave popcorn! Fred