Sunday, September 12, 2010

Elevation 8228

Lordsburg, N.M. To Emory Pass, N.M. 74 miles 7 hours, 15 min. Avg. Sp. 10 mph total 699

Let me cut to the chase tonight. This was the hardest day on a bicycle that I've ever had. Today was the highest point on the entire Southern Tier. I climbed to elevation 8228. I know I've complained about going uphill a couple of times but nothing was even close to this. I started out of Lordsburg at 7:15 AM. It took me an hour to ride the first 7 miles. I crossed the continental divide shortly after that first seven miles, at elevation 6355. If you think the continental divide is the top, you are mistaken. I climbed all day after the continental divide. The elevation was back to 5900 in Silver City. We saw some huge mining operations today. At one of the mines I ran into a another biker named Patrick and we rode into Silver City together. I had not actually intended to make the summit today, but in order to sleep tonight I pushed on through.
Brad and Ben have been awesome. I mean truly awesome. My deepest thanks for their taking the time and expense to support me. I hope you will thank them too.
Tomorrow morning Brad and Ben and will drop me off at Emory Pass. I will head downhill, and they will head back to Phoenix.
Jamie Kimbel flys into El Paso tomorrow to come babysit until Saturday. After that, I'm uncovered.
I've insisted that everyone who participates in this journey take part in the blog so before the pictures, here's Brad and Ben.

This is brad. I will begin by telling you that i thought that this trip was a big deal. This is not a big deal. This is epic. I am officially beginning my quest to do something epic at some point in my life.
I will also tell you that Lincoln didn't climb 4000 vertical feet today. He climbed an absolute minimum of 10,000 feet, and I'm actually guessing closer to 15,000, give or take 1,000 vertical feet. We went up and down all day, and by up and down, I mean 500 up, 500 down. I seriously think we have been following superman based on what I witnessed today. Sheer willpower and determination. I can't even begin to tell you how impressed i was by this man.
I'm being told to speed this up, so I will ask for prayers as he keeps going, that he have a tailwind, that he find people who can ride with him occasionally, that he remains positive (cause negativity is waiting at every hill), and that the lord continues to give him the strength to do the kind of things that he did today. I will return to Huntsville tomorrow, but will be with him in spirit every mile that he has left. Love you buddy.

This is Ben...I have been asked to comment so I will do so...I honestly do not have the words for what I played a very, very small part in today. I mean really there are NO words. There is no way for me to put into words what i was able to witness....the pictures do it no justice. As noted above, the day was a never ending up and down and then lots of ups. To say that I proud of him would be the understatement of the year...I am simple honored to call him friend. It was just one of those days that we will share and remember forever. Simply humbling....I can not really explain it any other way than that. I was also called upon to document with the camera the last couple of days...I hope my sister is proud. I can't believe my time is already over...I hope that he remains strong on his journey. I hope for more downhills and tailwinds. Thank you for sharing this experience with travels. Really...I just hope the pictures are ok...

What kind of activity?

Oh, it's only just beginning.

Look at the road behind me.

Can you see the falling rock sign?

Me and Patrick, is that like Sponge Bob?

That's a little disconcerting.

Ok, I get the elk, but what's the flasher for. Brad thought it was a moose crossing.

You can't tell, but that's a homemade sign, now fading. Where's Larissa?

Is he really that much taller than me? At least we're color coordinated.

What is that stance? Uh, hi, I'm Alphonse.

Is that like spin the bottle?

Brad's giving me some riding technique pointers. "pedal in circles, not in squares" That joke compliments of Jon Noles.
Some hill somewhere.

Check that out.

Yes, I'm really there.
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Location:Silver City, N.M.


  1. Wow. I'm absolutely speechless.

  2. Well,once again I cried! The pride (I know I'm not supposed to be proud, but in this case I think it is justified) that I feel for the three of you if beyond words. Linc, you continue to inspire me! Brad and Ben, you both have SHOWN what friendship is all about! And all 3 of you continue to be such a blessing in my life! And, in case I haven't said it often enough, I LOVE YOU ALL!! And that's not just an 'I love you' at the end of a phone call or as one of us is walking out the door! It's in all caps!! Brad and Ben, be safe and I'll see you at the airport. Lincoln, continue to be strong and courageous and has been stated already, may you have tailwinds the rest of your journey.

  3. That's awesome, Lincoln.
    I did think of you and your amazing bike-riding feats as I ran the other morning, hoping it would give me a surge of energy or boost of speed, as I ran a mere 3.5 miles, NOT uphill. But no such luck. It was still hard! But it did prompt me to send a prayer up for you! :)
    Still praying for your safety and endurance. And keep the pictures coming - they're great!

  4. "Babysit?" I think more like try to keep up. I have the picnic lunches, videos, junk food, cards, and swimming trunks packed. Oh wait, I forgot the portable AED (for me, ask Chastain about our ride on Saturday). I would have really liked to have been there today, it sounds like a memorable experience.

  5. This journey that you are on is a physical one but also emotional and above all spiritual. You are showing us life. There are ups and downs - sometimes the ups are incredibly hard - so hard that you have no idea where the strength will come from. But most of all you are showing yourself and all of us that none of us can do it alone.
    I am so thankful for Amy and the friends that are able to be there physically with you for this epic journey.
    Yes, like LaNette, I also got teary. I know that surprises you - HA!! We went over the scripture yesterday in John 16:33 that says "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you WILL have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."
    I will continue to pray for your journey - for those helping you out (I wouldn't call it babysitting) for peace, strength, tailwind and some even terrain!!
    Be blessed. I LOVE YOU ALL!

  6. You're a rock star! Haven't stopped praying for you, Amy, and the kids.
    Big Love,

  7. Love the determination and the Spirit! You continue to inspire me brother I and I will get moving today because of this blog. Thank you for your encouragement and I am PRAYING for you!!

  8. I read your blog this morning when I first got up. I had decided (before I read it) that I was going to skip the gym. My back was hurting when I got up this morning. After reading your blog, I decided to go the gym! I got on a treadmill next to a guy who was about to run as well. He ran for 45 minutes going 6.7 miles per hour! I did my training plan that alternated running/walking. When we were done, he complimented me! I was in awe of him. (I haven't ran since high school) Anyway, I say all this to say, that he was my angel today.

    You inspire me Lincoln Smith! I hope you have a good ride today, and look forward to the next update!

  9. Lincoln,
    I've told so many what a CHANGED MAN you will be upon completion of this journey. Well, what I didn't realize was how many of us you would LEAD to become changed as well!! I know you have already exprienced so many HIGHS (and I don't mean the Hill climbs or the high elevations) as well as lows. Everyday you have pressed on when it would be so easy to give up! Thank you for sharing this experience with me. Thank you for sharing with my family, friends, with our church family. Thank you for helping us to stare change in the face, to cling to the Father and to press on!!!!
    We love you dearly,
    We are praying daily for your well being and forvery SAFE travels!

  10. Canaan says "Uncle Lincoln you are awesome!" Your sister seconds that emotion. Kristen

  11. Hey buddy . . . I can't imagine all that climbing. I eagerly anticipate each new daily report of what you've been up to. If the scheduling works out I want to come meet you somewhere west of P'cola (La or MS???) and escort you to our house. Keep on truckin'. Fred