Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'll Ride for Cristina Today

Before I get into any stats today, let me share a couple of things with you. One, get off your rear and challenge yourself. Two, let me tell you about Cristina Boudah. Cristina and her husband Donald are members at Twickenham. For those of you who are new to this blog, and apparently there a lot, Twickenham Church of Christ is the church where I am employed and has afforded me this incredible opportunity. Donald and Cristina have five children one of which is a newborn. About a month ago Cristina was diagnosed with breast cancer. She and Don's courage in the face of this news has been unbelieveable. The rallying of our church family around them has been equally incredible.
Last night at dinner in Blythe, Ca., Amy said that I needed to check out the comments on the blog. I flipped the Ipad around and started reading. My sons all had some great ones and Amy said Kody's made her cry. Then I read Cristina's. "Lincoln, you inspire me to keep going with every mile." I cried at dinner. Are you kidding me? I inspire you? I never started this to inspire anyone. I'm no hero. I'm just a "bald guy on a bike" remember? YOU INSPIRE ME Cristina Boudah! So much so that when I left the hotel this morning Intending to ride to Salome, Az. I told Amy I should just go all the way to Wickenburg, Az. Just for Cristina. So I did.

Day 4 Blythe, Ca. To Wickenburg, Az. 116 miles a new PR. 8 hours 50 minutes in the saddle. 4000 vertical ft. Avg. Sp. 13 mph.

You inspire me Cristina Boudah, and so do you Charliss Rodgers, Linda Bynum, Sarah Mcminn, and all of you struggling to survive. Keep riding and inspire someone else through the grace God.


If you want more information, I'm passing it over to Amy for a report of today's events. I'm tired.

So, how to I follow that?!? That fact of the matter is Lincoln rode his tail off! He didn't intend to do so much today - but as he mentioned, he was inspired!! I had a hard day too-I had to keep up with the bald guy on a bike and not get hit doing it! I shared a few pictures on Facebook this morning - I will also try to share them here, but that depends on Roger! I did have a bit of excitement early in the day when I spied a mostly naked man riding a bike through Quartsite, Az! I did get somewhat of a photo - but didn't want to let on that I was snapping pictures. Of course, he was riding through town in a g-string, he probably didn't care!
We also went through a few fine Arizona towns - only a few though, they are really spread out. We thought about stopping for the night and exploring Salome, Az - but once we looked to the right and left we realized we would have too much time on our hands! Hope was quaint and offered a few picture opportunities! After that it was pretty much just riding though - I wish I could (for Lincoln's sake) say that it was all downhill from there, but unfortunately most of the day was an uphill climb! I provided small amounts of encouragement and large amounts of fluids today, and we made it into Wickenburg,Az around 4:30. Wickenburg once was the Dude Ranch capital of the world - now it's ranches house addicts, making it the Rehab capital of the world! We're just stopping through, we promise! Not sure what the day will hold tomorrow, but I'm sure it will be hot and tiring - well, for me anyway. Thanks to all for the prayers and encouraging comments - they mean more than you will ever know! Be blessed! love, Amy

Bad roads this morning - bumpy and no shoulder

Naked guy on a bike - maybe he should start his own blogspot!
The sign to Wickenburg
The many opportunities Arizona has to offer....
Prime real estate
Pretty sure they will throw in the car for free....
Adopt a highway!
Or better yet, this fixer upper!
We found hope!!
But then we lost it....
Hard to see, but those are goats in a motel pool. really, goats!
Better picture of the goats!


  1. Now who is making who cry!!??!! Have a great Wednesday!!

  2. I know you are so glad to have Amy with you, Both of you hang in there and know you are in our thoughts and prayers. On ruff days you just get up and put one foot front of the other, Until you get passed the pain and hardship and before you know it you will past the difficult part. You can do this enjoy the good times and hope the difficult times past quickly. you are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Judy Byrd

  3. You are doing great Lincoln and Amy. So glad ya'll could share this experience.


  4. I once stayed in a goat motel. Wasn't that bad.

  5. Lincoln or Amy,

    Does Lincoln have a proposed route you can share via Google maps?

  6. Linc, congrats on your personal record! Love the pictures! Amy, you should totally adopt that available highway and pick up trash while following Lincoln...get your good deed in for the week! Ha!


  7. now look who's crying! God is apparently using both of us in ways we had not intended. and to this I say "to Him be the glory". Amen, right? Praying you find a cool breeze today and that you see Jesus along the way.

  8. Wow! Believe it our not you and Cristina both have been an major inspiration to me lately. When I started training for the Susan G Komen walk 6 months ago, I thought to myself 20 miles a day no big deal you are in shape you can do this piece of cake. I walk 5 miles a day in my sleep.

    Well, now, having walked over 300 miles in 15 and 17 mile stretches with lots of hills added in, getting up @ 4 am just to beat some of the 100 degree summer heat and missing time with my family, I have been wanting to quit, wanting to say this is just too hard, too exhausting, too time-demanding, I give up.

    The last couple of long walks I had (both 17 miles each) about half way through all I wanted to do was sit on the curb and cry until someone came to pick me up. But I didn't. I kept going, somehow. And lately, hearing what Cristina has been going through, seeing her at church and small group, still trying to mother her kids and carry on as usual, made me realize that I should be thankful I am healthy and can walk for so many women who can't. Made me realize just keep going even when you feel like sitting on the curb and crying your eyes out because you can't take one more step, just keep going.

    I have had so many struggles lately and reading what you have been through these past few days has also made me want to persevere even more than before, that I can keep going too.

    We all touch people's lives in so many different ways. Kind of strange to think that a bald guy on a bike and a bald girl with cancer can both do so much, but you both are. And I pray that you both keep going!! Even when it's tough and all you want to do is sit on the curb and cry.

    Love you both!
    Stacie Flinn

  9. Lincoln,

    I had not had a chance to read your blog until this morning. It is good to see you doing better after your start. I am really glad that Amy is with your too for a while. I can only imagine the heat that you are riding through in CA and AZ. Robin and I will be praying for you and hoping for better weather. I keep thinking of Phil 3:12-14 while I am writing this. It is for sure inspiring to me to follow you doing this. Everyday, you are pushing your body, mind and spirit to levels you may have never experienced. You are doing great, so PRESS ON! Coaching kids in B-ball camp, we would ask them if they were tired during drills, and their reponse was supposed to be, "TIRED?....WE LOVE TIRED!" If that is the case with you, I bet you have a lot of LOVE! Anyway, tell Amy hey and STAY STRONG!

    IN HIM,

    B. Bellomy

    September 8, 2010 7:40 AM

  10. Awesome! Keep riding and we will keep praying for you all! Amazing to see God through your adventure.

    Janet Anderson

  11. Hi, Lincoln, I loved the "Dude, I know you" part, and when I read Cristina's comment, I thought, "perhaps he already has!" (seen Jesus, that is). Kevin wrote his first computer program, and is excited that it actually worked. Preston and Jenny had a cameo appearance on WHNT regarding the Jerry Lewis MDA telethon. Everyone else is behaving (or not) as usual. Love ya, and Godspeed.

  12. Mike - You asked for info on the route Lincoln is following. Here's a link:

    Lincoln - Hang in there, dude! We need your blog posts to distract us from our jobs and housework!!!

  13. Licoln,

    Great job on the post - really enjoyable. Bought stock in Gatorade on Monday. It is going through the roof for some reason. Lloyd is digging a pit out on the farm and wants to know if you mind strapping on one or two of the goats on your two-wheeler. Keep up the good work, we are praying for you and missing you.

  14. Sarah and I are living your experiences through your blog. Reading your daily summary is our highlight for the day. It is good that Amy can help you through hot days and rough roads. You have a lot of miles remaining but I think those first two days may well have been the hardest. We are praying for you and Amy to have a safe and satisfying journey. Don't over extend. We love you. Travis and Sarah