Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

Day 21 Navasota, Tx. To Cleveland, Tx. 91 miles 6 hrs. 11 Min. Avg. Spd. 14.6 mph, total miles 1756.

Boy, we saw a lot of stuff today. The morning started very different as two riders rode out together for the first time. Mark Thompson and Ed Sparks got here at about 12:30 AM this morning. Mark didn't sleep at all last night and was waiting for me in the breakfast room at 6:00 AM this morning. Mark is a Twickenham member and just wanted to ride with me for a couple of days. He brought his own support crew, friend Ed Sparks.
We had a lovely ride through the Sam Houston National Forest. We had hills, got chased by dogs, got into a bike race, saw a parade, saw 100 people on horseback, ran into a parked motorcycle, saw the weirdest recumbent bike ever, and watched Texas lose. (Kolton is devastated)

Mark may not be able to ride tomorrow, but you'll have to ask him about it, as it may not be appropriate for children under 14 years of age.

I also got to see another old college buddy and his wife, Jeff and Audra Wyatt. What a treat to renew another old friendship. Jeff and Audra are wonderful people and I hope to be able to stay in closer touch with them in the future. Once again I'm amazed how this trip has allowed me to renew friendships that might have never been renewed if I hadn't gotten out here.


Check out last nights comments, somebody saw the website on the side of the car at a restaurant in Austin and commented. It was good stuff too. Thanks Run CMD.

The boys leave with Ben in the morning, pray for a safe trip and for Ben's sanity. After the last two days Ben's sanity is in peril.

I hope the pictures explain it all.

Lovely morning start.

You might not be able to recognize me, I'm in orange.

This is not an optical illusion. Harding Rome (he's in front) had this bike custom built. Don't you get carsick if you look out the back of a moving vehicle? I'm told there are several ways to destroy a relationship. I'm guessing would probably do it.

Kody's eye.

Kolton's eye.

Is he really that tall? No, he's wearing high heels again.

This is a crotch rocket.

This is the car that hit the crotch Rocket. Way to go Ben.

Oh yeah we rode some more.

Right through a parade in Cold Spring. Where it was not cold.

More riding.

100 horses, I'm not exaggerating, 100, count them.

Why am I always in front?

Come on Mark, take a turn in front.

Mark where are you?

Dinner with the Wyatt's.

Nice truck Jeff.

Have a great night.

Location:Cleveland, Tx.


  1. Hmmm. Only 140 miles from Deridder. Those wings are becoming more and more of a reality.

  2. Lincoln, just getting caught up on your last few posts. Glad you have a riding partner! Love seeing all the pictures!

  3. Using Jon's computer--Hope you had a good ride today I'm sure you were thinking about Mom as this is the anniversary of her passing away. She would be so proud of what you are doing and of the boys you have raised--Your sister is proud too.