Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes

Day 11 Las Cruces, NM to Fort Hancock, Tx. 100 miles Total time 6 hours. 44 min. Avg. Sp. 14.7 Total miles 901.

Today was superb riding. It was cool to start, and I had a nice ride out of Las Cruces. I did 40 miles south into the El Paso are. El Paso was less than excellent. Any time your biking through a major metropolitan area, it's less than excellent, and it was obvious that the city missed Ron Woods. I felt good so we kept rolling through the Rio Grande river valley surrounded by more pecan trees and chili fields. The entire 60 miles after El Paso we were in sight of the Mexican border.
At one point two border patrol vehicles went screaming by me. They then turned around and came screaming back by me. Up ahead I could see that they had pulled somebody over. As I began to get closer I thought I recognized the vehicle, and yes, Jamie Kimbel had been pulled over by the US Border Patrol for, "suspicious activity." Apparently somebody had called in a car that kept pulling over and stopping. That was Jamie waiting for me. We all had a good laugh and they wished us well.
I ended the day in Fort Hancock, Tx. (isn't there a Shawshank Redemption reference to Fort Hancock?) We then had to backtrack 30 miles in the car to find a decent motel. It's off to Sierra Blanca, and Van Horn tomorrow.
I really appreciate all the comments on the blog. I wish I had time to answer them all but I have to try and sleep sometime.
The next few days get really remote. There are warnings all over the bike maps about distances between services and being prepared to sleep on the side of the road. We'll just have to take it a day at a time. That's all God asks of us anyway, isn't it?

Pecan trees in Las Cruces.

Close up!

Not a lot of room to ride.

On the sidewalk in Downtown El Paso.

Have You seen me in this shirt before?

I'm having a nice time following this tractor.

Jamie accuses me of drafting. Drafting? This is taking advantage of an obvious gift from heaven.

Pray for someone other than yourself tonight,

Location:Clint, Tx. - Fort Hancock, Tx.


  1. Lincoln,

    Heard about the "bald guy on a bike" from Twickenham the other day and immediately thought of you :) I just started reading your blog. What an inspiring adventure you have chosen or were chosen to do.

    My prayers are with you during this journey.

    Veronica Wilder Carter

  2. Oh to have seen the Border Patrol pulling over Jamie!! Glad you all got a laugh. They were probably thrilled to see English speaking gringos!!
    What a blessing today has been. Another 100!!! And now into the 4th state!! Awesome!
    I am so thankful for tailwinds, cooler weather, drafting and the blessings of where God will take you next. Thanks for reminding us all of His power and to look outside of ourselves each and every day!! The doors are always opened if we open our eyes.
    blessings.........keep pedaling

  3. Thinking about you daily my bicycling friend. Keep up all your P's. Pedaling, Pushing and Praying. You're definitely an inspiration and will tackle Brasstown Bald with you in mind.

  4. Again bro, reading your blog is one of the highlights of my day (i probably need to get a hobby...maybe riding..)Keep it up and know that you are being prayed for from Birmingham as well.

  5. I just had to check the blog before I go to bed. I'm so happy that you had a much better day today. Remember the song "Ride Like the Wind"? That's what goes through my mind when I think about you out there. :)

  6. Thought you were taking a rest today?!? But I'm glad you had a good day to ride, a good friend to ride along with you, a good laugh, and hopefully a good night's rest. Hoping you are considering a rest day or 2 soon!! Continuing to pray for your physical as well as emotional well-being, all your riding buddies and your family. Missing you here but not a day goes by that there isn't a conversation about you and your journey and the inspiration it is giving to so many of us. Getting up and doing something!! Keep on keeping on!!

  7. Linc,

    Just got finished with my homework. Yes, homework. I'm taking this residency course and we have hours of homework to do after sitting in class all day listening to death by power point. Anyway, knowing what you are doing each day keeps me inspired to keep on keeping on with all the work. I thought I was through with homework for good when I finished college!! Nonetheless, we both will be more resilient each day we press on. Had to jump on and see how you were doing before trying to get a few hours sleep. Love your boys' sweet hearts that show through in their comments. You sure have a lot of folks who love you.


  8. Lincoln, just found the blog tonight. I should have been in bed an hour ago, but I started at the beginning and couldn't stop reading. Just know you are being thought about and prayed for in Montgomery as you continue on this journey. Makes me want to go hope on my bike and ride. Keep riding.

  9. Ah, Van Horn.... the KOA there was our last overnight stop in our RV during our move here. We drove the rest of the way without stopping more than 30 minutes or so to eat or answer "nature's call." At any rate, those 20 hours were still not nearly as challenging as what you're doing!

    Love the border patrol story. Events like that will certainly help keep away any monotony!

    Keep pressing on...

  10. Was glad to hear you had a good day. As mentioned in the previous comments we are all thinking about you through the day. I had to laugh as our annual trip is coming up and we usually cover about 400 miles. Thta is a drop in the bucket compared to what you are doing. I am really enjoying your blog, pics, and spirit!
    Keep em spinning:)

  11. Hey Lincoln -
    Remember that ancient Chinese proverb about headwinds - A day of headwinds on a bike is better than a day behind the desk at work :)

    Are you planning to take a rest day? Even Lance Armstrong takes a day or two off during the Tour De France !

    Remember that elephant - don't look at what you have left to eat, but eat it one pedal stroke at a time.

    God Bless

  12. Shawshank Redemption--Fort Hancock, TX is where Andy crossed the border. It's also where Red crossed into Mexico. "I hope I can make it across the border. I hope I can find Andy and shake his hand. I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hope." --Red

    Stay strong, brother! We all love you!!!!

  13. Back to back centuries?!? Linc, I'm so impressed and so proud of you. I'm glad to hear that today was a much better day of riding for you. Here's hoping for more tailwinds, more shoulders to ride on, and more tractors to draft behind!

    By the way, I'm also proud to see in the pictures that you are riding with pedal cages. I fully back you on that! I haven't given into the peer pressure of SPDs either. I gotta admit that I'm a little surprised that the shoe lover in you didn't use this as an opportunity to get a cool pair of cycling shoes, though. But at least this way, you can pack lighter with one less pair of shoes and give another pair of outrageous athletic shoes a way to shine. I know you've got a pair or ten of those!

    Know that you are being covered in prayer from Nash-vegas and that I'm riding more and farther than I ever have with you as inspiration. I miss ya and couldn't admire, respect or love ya more!

  14. Praying for safe travels...When you come into TX on I10 from Lake Charles going to Beaumont, there is a sign at the start line that says Beaumont 86 miles, El Paso 854 miles! You folks in TX like to brag about you size, don't ya. Hope you have good roads and weather in the coming days.


  15. Hey - I'll be in Houston next week, will you be there yet?

    beth griggs

  16. Seriously...praying for safe travels, for Amy and the boys, and for all those helping you along the way. Take care and keep on inspiring us.

    beth griggs

  17. One of our family ranches is near Sierra Blanca and Van Horn. If you need any help, let Kristen know and I'll get you help. Praying for you every day.

  18. I am a cyclist and friend of Scott Northcutt. He thinks we are both crazy and thought I would enjoy your blog. I do!

    I set 4 cycling goals for myself for this Summer and just finished the 4th one. One of the goals was a 475 mile, 7 day ride in Iowa called RAGBRAI. I am still amazed that I did that ride and everyday something about that ride hits me and I know I am changed forever for having done it. You will no doubt experience this ride you are on for years to come.

    I still have my crazy glove tan lines also. I love them, they say "I did something this Summer, something epic."

    Ride on friend - Your accomplishments are amazing and that is coming from someone that appreciates the grade of the road in your pictures. And yes, Headwinds are not from Jesus.

    P.S. Nice Surly!!!

  19. In the really remote times, you may reach more of yourself than you now know. Prayin'....