Saturday, September 11, 2010

Three Friends, Three Dead Vultures, and a Plague of Locusts

Safford, Az. To Lordsburg, N.M. 80 miles, 6 hours, 9 min. 13 mph avg. Total miles 625

It was a tough day. Lots of vertical, a headwind, and a plague of locusts. Ben and Brad got in at 12:30 AM central. It sure would have been great if they had gotten here earlier. We left Safford Az. about 6:15 AM. The temperature started at 55 again but soon zoomed to 100. It actually was a very scenic ride, low traffic, and several interesting highlights. Over the eighty miles, there was exactly one, stop off, and that was in Duncan, Az.
Something out here has caused a hatch of locusts. Locusts are everywhere, millions and millions of locusts. They are not being very nice to each other either. Apparently there's nothing to eat and they are eating each other. On the other hand I saw three dead vultures today. It's got to be pretty bleak out there for a vulture to die. Apparently vultures don't eat locusts.
Brad and Ben did a great job today. We're holed up in a hotel in Lordsburg watching college football having a great time. Except that I have to ride again tomorrow while they take pictures of locusts.
Tomorrow, I climb all day start to finish. From here I have to climb 2000 ft. To Silver City, N.M., then I have to go to 8228 ft. At Emory pass. Then we'll head back to Silver City for the rest of the day. Tomorrow is the highest point of the Southern Tier route.
I tried something new this morning. I listened to my iPod. As a purist I don't normally condone this activity, because I want to be able to hear traffic. After the incident in the tunnel I'm not sure I really want to hear it, if I'm fixing to get plastered. The upside was I had some great worship time with Chris Tomlin singing at the cows on the side of the road. The downside was, singing while riding uphill is extremely taxing to one's respiratory system. The cows didn't seem to enjoy it either.

An early start in Safford, Az.

Yes, he is.

If the vultures are dying, what about us?

Lincoln, uphill.

Suddenly, out of nowhere a cowboy. Could it be Jason Brooks?

I wish the roads were straighter

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Two states down.

Apparently shooting your state sign is berry classy.

Another uphill.

Finally, a taste of home.

I wonder if they need a worship minister?

Location:Lordsburg, N.M.


  1. Well even if they do need a worship minister - you are taken!! Glad y'all are having some male bonding times watching football. There have been some good games on so hope there is cable channels to watch a few.
    Glad you got to bring Chris Tomlin to the cows by the road - even if they didn't seem to enjoy it, I am sure that it was uplifting. :) Wow you are going to really have some lung capacity when this is over!!! We will be praying for your climb tomorrow. God will give you the strength.
    Be blessed.

  2. Bill says that once you reach the Continental Divide, it's DOWNHILL the rest of the way!! Stay strong and stay safe and, like Cindy said, YOU ARE TAKEN!!

  3. Good luck on the climb guys enjoy silver city(if there is anything to do)...not sure....just finished watching Oregon open a can in the 2nd half vs TN...nasty!!!!!

    B Bellomy

  4. I pulled the bike out this morning and rode a 30+ mile route in your honor today (Sat). Granted, I didn't have any steep hills, but the heat and wind were there. Keep pushing - you're doing great.

    As your body physically adjusts to the riding, do you find yourself craving certain foods at the end of the day? I imagine carbs are high on the list.

    Eat that elephant one pedal stroke at a time!

  5. two states. awesome. there's still time to take a detour through little rock.

    stay safe.

  6. Are you headed to Lubbock? Just curious what is driving you north into the mountains? Be careful and don't burn the brakes off after Emory Pass.

  7. Lincoln, I'm just now catching up with you. I can't tell you how much I admire you for doing this. And after reading about the heat, I have to say that I feel like a total wimp for complaining about the heat and humidity during my 7 mile run yesterday! If anyone can do this, YOU can and I have faith that you'll complete the journey with no serious problems. Use your support teams to the fullest extent when you have them and ride safe! We're looking forward to seeing you at the end of this journey!

  8. Lincoln,

    I enjoyed your humor today!! Sorry you are still having to climb. Hopefully, things will ease up a bit?? Like I know, I've NEVER ridden a bike cross country before, AND NEVER shall I. We love you and miss you!!