Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Family Reunion

Day 18 San Antonio, Tx. To New Braunfels, Tx. 47 miles, 3 hours 53 min., avg. Spd. 12mph, Total miles 1502.

I took a short day today so that Amy and the boys and I could all meet up here at Suzanne's house. Who would of thought that in my cycling career 47 miles would have been a short day.
The hill country of Texas is hilly. Wow, that's profound. It never ends - up and down and up and down. Do I even need to mention the east wind?
I may have to fly Emily Bass out soon to help me wade through the plethora of receipts and see if there is any way to write off any of the expenses of this trip. It's probably futile, but if any can be financially creative, it's Emily.
I actually thought about the office staff today. I hope Adrienne, Janet, Larissa, and Leigh Ann are well. Brad and Darren haven't crossed my mind. I actually forgot that Steve works there and called his Intergraph office the other afternoon. It should be a hoot when I get back.
Part two:
Amy got here in 13 hrs. and 50 min. I'm not exactly sure how she did it. Kolton says it's because of his great mapping skills. She actually missed a turn in Meridian, Ms. And when the GPS backed up an hour she stuck with it. Nice call. If you ever come to San Antonio from Huntsville, don't take I-30 or I-20, go I-10.
I'm off to Bastrop, Tx. tomorrow with the family and then it's R&R in Austin, Tx. For a day.

No cameraman, I took this myself.

Side shot, notice the vanishing waist line.

Politics are everywhere.

Nothing like a picture of a waiting steed.

Suzanne's house.

This is how the car was dedicated when they got here.

People all over the southeast are looking this up tonight, ok, not really.


Location:San Antonio, Tx.


  1. You can definitely draft behind that! I see a 150 miler in your future...

  2. Linc,

    Nice detailing on the pace car! Hope you have a wonderful time with Amy and the boys. I just caught up on your blog...been busy with homework the past few nights. Did take in a KC Royals game on Sunday. I too am looking forward to getting back home. Race ya! Ha! With the flights I've had lately, you just might beat me.

    Glad you got some time with my cousins. I hope you gave Ella Grace a hug for me! Oh and Jason and Suzanne too.

    Keep it up! I'm loving your stories and pictures, especially the livestock!


  3. I am so glad Amy and boys got there safely! I know y'all will have a great time but I am also glad you are going to take a day off!! Even God rested on the 7th day. :)

    Have fun and then you can get back to it. And yes they are not lying when they call it the hill country! Keep going up and down. We'll keep praying and going where God calls.......

    hugs to all of you!! LOVE the pace car!!

  4. Love the car! So glad that they made it safely! Have fun with them! These memories will last a lifetime.

  5. I see you have the front fender back on, so you must have figured out what was wrong. Glad to see your family made it safely. Rock and Roll Brother!

  6. I'm loving the blog Lincoln - keep inspiring us all!

    Dave Olivet

  7. Lincoln, I love the graphics on the pace car! I'm glad Amy and the boys made it safely and I just bet the reunion was a sight to behold. :) Enjoy your well deserved day of rest and the time with your family. I'm still hoping and praying for tailwinds in the near future.

    Ride like the wind...


  8. Lincoln, it's about time you took it easy! Glad to see the fender back on, and what a great pace car! Enjoy Austin and family. Love to all, Lynne.

  9. In the excitement of the family arriving I don't see where anyone mentioned that 1502 on a 3000 mile trip means YOU ARE HALF WAY THERE!

    Congrats on the halfway point.

  10. In the words of Willie Nelson, "You are always on my mind." Brad, Darren and Steve

  11. I saw that car this morning and almost broke the speed limit trying to catch up.
    Beth Griggs

  12. Lincoln its amazing what your doing be careful and have fun what a great way to see this great nation your friend fro