Thursday, September 16, 2010

Headwinds and Art in Southwest Texas

Van Horn, Tx. To Alpine, Tx. 83 miles 6hrs. 39min. Avg. Sp. 12.4 mph, Total miles 1076
I'll keep it simple. Bad day. 60 miles climbing into a headwind on the loneliest road in America. No stops, no stores, no nothing. Except for a Prada art exhibit in Valentine, Tx., more to come. At mile 70, a thunderstorm broke out on top of us. I don't know what you do without a support car. I guess you get wet. We went into town got a hotel and then I had Jamie bring me back out so that I could finish the ride. Except, now the roads were soaked and so I was by the time I finished the last 13 miles.
Here is a shout out to Roger Harwell. He highly recommended fenders which I was very concerned was overkill. Fenders are definitely not overkill. Thanks, Rog.
So somewhere in the middle of this nightmare Jamie comes up on this art exhibit for Prada. There is no way we can ever explain how bizarre this was but, I'll let Jamie try later.
We also got to visit Marfa, Tx. Pop. 2101. This eclectic, artsy community is another modern marvel. Marfa is home to one of the oldest hotels in Tx. In fact you might have seen it if you are old enough to remember the movie "Giant" with, Rock Hudson, James Dean, and Elizabeth Taylor. (I love the movie) Giant was filmed in Marfa, Tx.
Apparently some rich artist named Donald Judd wanted to start a minimalist art community. So he basically bought the town of Marfa and set up a grant system by which other minimalist artists can live and set up their own studios. This place is crazy. The city has no law enforcement. You couldn't make this stuff up. I didn't stay long.
By the way, I have no skin on my lips, ears, or forearms.

Wow, I hope tomorrow is better. Pray for Jason Brooks who is driving to meet us in Sanderson, Tx. Tomorrow night.

Here's Jamie

Let me start by saying that it has been an absolute honor to join Lincoln out here for only a couple days. I wish that I could stay longer. Secondly, I feel undeserving to write on this blog, which feels like sacred ground for many followers. I have been amazed to watch the endless calls of encouragement and text messages that say "Hey, I am praying for you." Lincoln has been starting each day's ride with a short prayer, which puts it all in perspective. One may feel alone here, but it is obvious that the spirit of God and His faithful are along for the journey.

I can't explain the Prada store that is in absolutely the middle of nowhere. The funny part is that it really was the only interesting thing in 75 miles. Those of you looking for open land to roost or who are worried about global over crowding, may I suggest west TX.

I will miss my border patrol friends. Wow, are they good at there job. They are everywhere. I am wondering if illegal border crossings are really a big conspiracy to create more government jobs.

Lastly, Lincoln makes me feel lazy. He is a machine on a bike. I can't tell you how many times I have pulled a few miles ahead, put the car in park, thought it will be a while before he covers that gap, and then was startled as he went buzzing by the car window. Lincoln says I have to stop typing.

Sunrise over nowhere, Tx.

The Prada art project.

Only left shoes. Purses have false bottoms with security sensors. The exhibit is broken into often.

I got nothing.

Tarantula on roadway. It's much larger than it looks.

Air Force aerostat, monitoring borders with I R.

Aerostat on ground.

Yes, Marfa.

Hotel Paisano, from "Giant".


Goodnight Surly, goodnight friend.
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Location:Alpine, Texas


  1. Glad you and Jamie are having a good trip together. Hug Jason for me when he gets there. I'm proud of you, Lincoln!

    Margie (not Bunny)

  2. Over 1000 miles! Keep fighting the good fight, you can do it!


  3. Lincoln, I just took a close look at your route and read the description of it on adventure cycling. I am even more impressed by what you've accomplished at this point. Over 1000 miles down (in only 13 days, no less!) and it looks as though once you get east of Austin, you'll have mostly flat terrain.

    I can't wait to read the blog every day and "hear" about the day's ride. It's a highlight of my day. :) We'll be in MS over the weekend...I'm very thankful for my netbook and AT&T air card so I won't have to miss anything!

    Wishing you a day of nice tailwinds, flat roads and good company tomorrow.

    Ride like the wind...


  4. Even though it was a tough day, you passed the CENTURY mark!! The picture of the rising sun over nowhere was beautiful - I remember those west Texas sunrises and sunsets - and the storms that come out of nowhere. The Prada place is hmmmmm.
    Rest well brother. Know that the prayers are many.

  5. Lincoln, my friends the Sweeneys bicycled across the U.S in 1989 (I think before you were born), but they took something like the Lewis & Clark or the TransAmerica route. They were going to be graduate students, then missionaries, so they sold their all their belongings, bought bikes, loaded what they needed onto them, and went all the way to the Atlantic, then either got someone to transport them and their bikes or they flew with the bikes to an airport near Johnson City, TN, where they would begin classes. Went to PNG and 21 years later, he's now the President of the very school they left Oregon to attend.

    Never Alone
    And though I cannot see You,
    And I can't explain why
    Such a deep deep reassurance
    You've placed in my life.
    Oh we cannot separate
    'Cause You're part of me,
    And though You're invisible,
    I'll trust the unseen.
    I cried out with no reply
    And I can't feel You by my side.
    So I'll hold tight to what I know:
    You're here, and I'm never alone!
    © 2004 Word Music

  6. Can't believe you've already gone over 1000 miles!! Look forward to reading your post each night and continue to be amazed by what you are doing. Glad you're going to get to see Jason. Hope he can ride with you a while. Get some rest, my friend!!

  7. I thought of that while riding my bicycle. ~ Albert Einstein on the theory of relativity

    Wishing you great thoughts as you pedal along!

  8. 1000 miles and 101 followers. Awesome!

  9. Linc,

    So glad to hear that you've surpassed the 1000 mile mark! You're already a 3rd of the way through your journey! Please hug Jason for me and tell him WAR EAGLE for me! He'll know what I mean...hee hee!


  10. Lincoln,
    WOW! 1000 mile mark, that's amazing. Somehow I don't think the Aldridge Creek Greenway ride is ever going to be the same for you.

    Blessings on your head my brother,

    (and how about getting some SPF 45 chapstick on the skinless lips and ears)


  11. Glad I finally got to talk to you tonight Linc. I know you're hurting & tired & wornout & wondering why/how you got into this mess --- But you can joke about & even ridicule a bit the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS (or at least a part of it) --- And that my friend is a mega miracle! I hope Jason is not riding Tag to meet you or he might be a little late --- Tell him Hi! from his best uncle. Point Jamie in the right direction when he departs. His infatuation with the Border Patrol has me worried.

    Hang tough Bro,

    LMB (Lloyd not Bunny)

  12. Hey Linc,
    I'm so proud of you bro and can't imagine the toll this must be taking on your body. I thought there may be something providential in the odometer reading today, so I searched Psalms 107:6 in correlation to your travellling 1076 says, "Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress." I hope that means that the worst miles are behind you and that you have weeks of deliverance ahead. Your blog shows 101 others who are being delivered from their own distresses with every mile you ride! Keep it up and know that I couldn't have prayed for a better brother-in-law. (Brendan, if you read this, know that you're tied for first with Linc.)

  13. Major milestone--over 1/3 of the way. The black looks much better than the yellow did, but not nearly as classy as silver would have. Adding "Giant" to the netflix queue. His peace...

  14. The sunrise pic is my favorite and puts all things into perspective knowing there is a greater power watching over us! Keep on spinning brother.
    I bet that shoe store gets a lot of business from those folks that are acused of having 2 left feet:)
    By the way, is the route you are taking posted?

  15. This morning I'm driving to Durham, NC for the Bama v. Duke game. I promise not to complain when my back starts hurting around Asheville.

    Dude, you're starting a movement. Forrest Gump has nothing on you.

    Eyes up, on the road, ever forward, piston thighs.

  16. Lincoln, congrats on the 1,000 mile mark! Hey, if you and Jamie don't mind backtracking, I'd really like to surprise Jill with a pair of
    Peep-Toe Suede Platform Ankle Boots or Leopard-Printed Haircalf Sandals - size 7 1/2. Should have enough to pay for them if I start selling my plasma now.

  17. If you're going back, also check to see if you can find Brad a cashmere scarf.

  18. Linc...I had no doubt you would reach this point this early. Proud of you and what you are accomplishing. God will use this and will use you. Shoot, He already is in the inspiration that you are providing! Keep pedalin', pushin' and praying!

  19. Wow! I just typed my last message about God inspiring you and the "secret" word that I have to type to publish the comment was "godyti". GOD, You're The Inspiration. Keep pedaling brother.

  20. This is addicting - I now am following your route and looking ahead on google maps to see the things you will see. If one of your stops is Del Rio, their is a Western Hotel right across the street from a KFC. Get you some of them mashed potatoes! There is a bike shop just down the street on the same route at 4th street and hwy 90 if you need parts.

  21. Lincoln as many have stated - you truly are an inspiration - but for us the admiration started the first time we heard you lead worship and it continues to grow every day that you are on this journey. We pray for your safe travels, more up moments than down, beautiful weather, and that you find whatever you are seeking...Jackie & Shawn Kelly

  22. Lincoln……..We've been religiously following your quest, but in the shadows. Finally joined the party! Thanks for the blog and the photos. You're interesting and funny, too! But most of all, you're tough. When you get too tired to go on your own, we will lift you up on our prayers and let the Lord carry you. Richard & Denise

  23. Brad and Larissa,

    Sorry, I couldn't talk him into going back today for shoes. We do suggest Marfa if you ever plan to vacation in west TX. We also suggest Marathon. Great hotel, but he had to keep rolling. We traded up for a high end Budget Motel in Sanderson. Not too bad, once I got past the fact that my room does not lock. Jamie

  24. Wow...I feel lazy. I'm going to play Wii or something to make myself feel a bit better. Keep it up Lincoln!!!